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  • An exceptional event.

    13 July 2024
  • Cargo drone project for the transport of medicines in the east of the DRC: mission of Xavier Vincke, Program Officer

    4 July 2024
    This project, taking place in the Province of South Kivu, aims to test the use of drones for the transport of medicines to isolated areas. This mission by the program director of Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium took place from June 1 to 17, 2024 in Kinshasa, Goma and Bukavu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  • Up there in a blue sky...

    30 May 2024
  • Bringing hope to 9 patients who have been in extreme suffering for years

    27 May 2024
    On Sunday April 30, 2024, Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium enabled the air transport of 9 patients from the provinces of Lomami, Tanganyika and South Kivu. These patients suffered from problems of urogenital fistulas with multiple complications, which could not be supported in the field.
  • The University of Liège, Gembloux Agro Bio Tech and Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium are supporting African Parks and the government of Chad in the aerial photographic survey of the Greater Zakouma Ecosystem (GZE) and the Aouk-Keïta Landscape.

    29 April 2024
    Since March 18 and until mid-May 2024, a large-scale aerial inventory campaign is taking place in the southeast of Chad, in the Greater Zakouma Ecosystem (GZE) and the Aouk-Keïta Landscape. Around 150 hours of flight in a Cessna 206 are planned, to estimate the size of populations of large herbivores, such as elephants, giraffes, buffalo, and antelopes, but also human pressures.
  • Such happiness!

    8 April 2024
    Accompanying children who are sick and bringing them back to their parents in great shape.
  • 20 km Brussels - 26-05-2024

    19 March 2024
    Run or walk for a good cause!
  • Air Support Environment - ULM hippopotamus survey with Alexis Peltier

    8 March 2024
    OIPR Bat Hawk aircraft pilots are trained in February and March by renowned pilot Alexis Peltier.
  • Air Support Environment - Test flights in Sint-Truiden

    31 January 2024
    This Tuesday, January 30, flight tests of the device for taking georeferenced aerial photographs, as part of research on the automation of aerial wildlife inventories, in collaboration with the University of Liège, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech.
  • Aviation support for the obstetrical fistula repair campaign of Panzi Hospital

    19 January 2024
    Field teams have recorded 51 cases of obstetric fistula since the last campaigns with a high number of cases in the Kabalo and Manono health zones.
  • Aerial surveillance of Comoé national Park (CNP)

    29 December 2023
    From October to December 2023, Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium carried out a new mission to strengthen the skills of ULM pilots from the Ivorian Office of Parks and Reserves (OIPR).
  • Accompaniment of children - Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium Volunteers Light up Autumn

    23 October 2023
    Autumn has arrived 😊 The leaves are turning yellow, the sky is getting darker, and ...
  • New Project and Sharing - It turned out to be a sunny charity day

    6 October 2023
    Many thanks to the friendly bikers who participated in ...
  • AIR SUPPORT FOR HEALTH - humanitarian mission of the non-profit organization AMALGACHE, in Madagascar

    20 September 2023
    In Belgium, dental care can seem quite trivial. But ...
  • New Take-Off: Peer to Peer Platform for Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium!

    21 August 2023
    We are delighted to announce the launch of ...
  • SKILLS REINFORCEMENT: the two ultralight aircraft pilots of the Comoé National Park trained in aerial photography techniques

    31 July 2023
    In view of the threats to the ...
  • Flying to ease the suffering of illness

    29 June 2023
    On Saturday April 8, Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium and its volunteers offered...
  • A musical evening filled with humanity

    28 June 2023
    A musical evening filled with...
  • AERIAL SURVEILLANCE OF COMOE NATIONAL PARK: the Office Ivoirien des Parcs et Réserves (OIPR) signs an agreement with Aviation Sans Frontières Belgique (ASFB) to reinforce the park’s security.

    21 June 2023
    In view of the threats to the Comoé National Park...
  • Aviation Sans Frontières charity concert with Marolles Ensemble!

    30 May 2023
  • Accompaniment of children - Angels on board

    25 May 2023
    Spring is here and the guardian angels from heaven...
  • Strengthening the skills of Ultralight Aicraft pilots in the Comoé National Park

    12 May 2023
    In 2022, Aviation Without Borders supervised...
  • Volunteer Sponsorship - Marathon des Sables with Bart Gijzen in support of our projects

    28 April 2023
    Sponsor Bart Gijzen, volunteer of Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium, who is currently running the ...
  • Run or Walk the 20 km of Brussels to support the projects of Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium !

    19 April 2023
    we’d like to invite you to come and run or walk the Brussels 20km, in our colours and with our great team.
  • France 2 report - Air operations of Aviation Sans Frontières - Ludovic Biteau

    30 March 2023
    Our Director of Programs Xavier Vincke was on mission in ...
  • Air support environment - The ultralight aircraft of the Comoé National Park in order to fly

    24 March 2023
    In October 2022 Aviation Sans Frontières took charge of the ...
  • 40 years of Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium

    17 March 2023
    On 14 March 1983, inspired by the NGO Aviation Sans Frontières created in France in ...
  • Aviation Without Borders celebrates International Women's Day: thanks to all the women in the organisation

    8 March 2023
    Today is International Women's Day and ...
  • Accompaniment of children - The first months full off emotions

    22 February 2023
    Our volunteer Nicole Jennes was able to represent the family of Aviation ...
  • { LATEST NEWS } The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria

    16 February 2023
    Our heart is with the people affected by the earthquake in ...
  • Air freight express - Turkey earthquake relief

    8 February 2023
    Monday, February 6, two violent ...
  • Air support environment - Drone photography mission in Comoé National Park

    18 January 2023
    Drone photography mission in the ...
  • Jean-Luc Kesch has flown to the stars « RIP »

    10 January 2023
    RIP, A long time volunteer of Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium and a Belgian
  • BEST WISHES FOR 2023 !

    6 January 2023
    The new year usually heralds change. But you and I are ...
  • Accompaniment of children - Return mission on 31 December in Kigali

    4 January 2023
    A kind-hearted volunteer, Nadine, flew ...
  • Aerial Inventory Report - COMOE National Park

    8 December 2022
    Due to the politico-military crisis in Ivory Coast  (2002 – 2011), the diversity and abundance of ...
  • Annual Meeting - Aviation Sans Frontières International - Geneva

    6 December 2022
    Aviation Sans Frontières International Annual Meeting: Geneva, 2-3 December 2022. Since 1980, sections of Aviation Sans Frontières were ...
  • Arsène Lwabandji - "Aviation Sans Frontières" representative at the Panzi Foundation in Bukavu

    1 December 2022
    Arsène Lwabandji, our representative in Bukavu, DRC, at the Panzi foundation created by ...
  • Jill Saussus – air health support project : Medical Air Support

    25 November 2022
    Jill est partie cette semaine en mission d'appui aérien à la santé, avec l'ong Medicaero. Diplômée d'un ...

    21 November 2022
    On 07 November 2022, Xavier Vincke and Julie Linchant were invited to the conference "STUDY AND CONSERVATION OF THE FAUNA IN TROPICAL AND TEMPERATE ENVIRONMENTS" at ...
  • Air operations - Optimisation of humanitarian flights

    15 November 2022
    In this month of November, Aviation Without Borders will optimise humanitarian flights in ...
  • Screening, meeting and debate of the film - The Empire of Silence

    2 November 2022
    Since the mid-1990s, war has torn and ravaged the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In this documentary ...
  • Air support environment - Safeguarding the Comoé National Park

    27 October 2022
    Working day at the Saint Exupéry microlight base, where our colleagues Kissi and Logoun from the Ivorian Office of Parks and Reserves are being trained as ...
  • Volunteer recruitment evening - Your commitment, one of the major pilars of our association

    25 October 2022
    On Friday, October 21, the volunteer recruitment meal was held. We invite to this annual evening all the volunteer candidates who have contacted us ...
  • Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium is recruiting an Administration Manager with a good knowledge of Dutch

    19 October 2022
    Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium is recruiting an Administration Manager with a good level in Dutch: immediate start.
  • Preparing children with heart disease for flight to recovery

    18 October 2022
    Notre Partenaire Alexis Butoyi, de la maison du bon Samaritain à Bujumbura, nous a rendu visite en nos bureaux le …
  • Change of presidency of aviation without borders Belgium

    11 October 2022
    The change of presidency of ‘Aviation sans Frontières’, Belgium, between Philippe Dehennin and David Haub took place on 30/09/2020. The pandemic prohibited officialisation of this event. This event, therefore ...
  • Malnutrition in the democratic republic of the congo

    7 October 2022
    About 4 000 000 people in Ituri do not have enough food. 1 500 000 of these suffer from severe malnutrition. Ituri, in the northeast of the DRC, with an 81 % rate of food scarcity, is one of the most vulnerable ...
  • Loraine rubin – aerial operations project

    5 October 2022
    Loraine, 30 years old, professional pilot for 2 years. I flew parachutists in a Cessna 182 and 206 in France and in the West Indies. Also in a Cessna Caravan C208 in France and ...
  • Alicia Lui – air health support project : Medical Air Support

    30 September 2022
    Alicia has a diploma in nursing sciences and has started the last year of her master's in Public Health at ULB, specialising in "Politics and the promotion of Health". She did an internship of three months at ...