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Arsène Lwabandji - "Aviation Sans Frontières" representative at the Panzi Foundation in Bukavu

1 December 2022

Arsène Lwabandji, our representative at the Panzi Foundation created by Dr Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize 2018, in Bukavu, DRC.

Dr Mukwege & Arsène Lwabandji
© Daniel Musaka

Arsène, as a member of the communication team of the Panzi Foundation in Bukavu, has been accompanying the medical teams in the field during the aerial health support missions set up with Aviation Sans Frontières, since September 2020.

© Arsène Lwabandji

Since September 2021, Arsène has been Aviation Sans Frontières' representative at the Panzi Foundation. He coordinates locally our air support missions, for the Panzi Foundation, in South Kivu and in the whole DRC.

As an audio-video director at the Panzi Foundation, he produces photo and video reports for various Aviation Without Borders missions. He collects testimonies from victims of rape, used as a weapon of war, survivors, medical staff and humanitarian partners.

© Arsène Lwabandji

Working with Aviation Sans Frontières has given me an exceptional experience in the field of humanitarian aviation and audio-visual. Every day I soak up knowledge about humanitarian aviation projects, and in the field of reporting. 

© Arsène Lwabandji