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Jill Saussus – air health support project : Medical Air Support

25 November 2022

Jill has been on an aerial health support mission this week with the ngo Medicaero. She has a master's degree in humanitarian action and has been working on the logistics of this project for five years now. 

This mission led her to where reality catches up with theory: on the ground. 

© Garth Cripps

Living this experience has been a huge opportunity, both professionally and personally. Participating in this mission has allowed me to realise the extent of the work in the field, and particularly the emergency in the field of health for which our air and logistical support is indispensable. Moreover, I was able to perceive more concretely the needs of people in this part of the world where isolation and precariousness hinder access to health care and consequently to a fundamental right, the right to live.