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Our ressources

Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium is based on four pillars, ensuring continuity in our actions:

  • The unconditional generosity of the Belgian public
  • The trust of institutional funders and NGOs
  • A flexible and evolving structure that is continually adapting
  • A pool of specialised human resources, the Experts

The unconditional generosity of the Belgian public

ASF is above all a humanitarian expression of the general public, to whom it belongs and for whom it is their ambassador on the ground.

Having witnessed humanitarian action by transporting stakeholders, Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium began efforts very early on to raise awareness among the Belgian public to earn their trust, commitment and financial support for their cause. The loyalty and consistency of donors means that not only can Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium rely on their generosity when defining the medium-term financial strategy, but also have significant financial and operational independence.

The trust of institutional funders and NGOs

ASF has earned the trust of the largest humanitarian organisations and meets the strict financial and operational management conditions imposed by the European Commission. 

Since 2005, Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium has had a partnership framework agreement with the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection Office (ECHO) to fund projects led under the EC's humanitarian and financial principles. More than sixty humanitarian and development organisations have placed their trust in the services provided by Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium. These include:

24H for Darfur, International Medical Corps, Mine Advisory Group, Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger, France) and Action Against Hunger, ACRA, Agence Française de Développement (French Development Agency), ACTED, Belgian Development Cooperation, Architectes de l’urgence (Emergency Architects), Concern Worldwide, COOPI, Handicap International Belgium, Caritas, FAO, Jesuit Refugee Council, MSF-Belgium, International Committee of the Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Première Urgence-AMI, Solidarités, Unicef, Vétérinaires sans Frontières (Veterinarians Without Borders), Oxfam, Save the Children, MERLIN, International Rescue Committee, CARE, World Concern, German Development Cooperation, Lutheran World Federation, Danish Refugee Council, Norwegian Refugee Council, Finn Church Aid, Mercy Corps, PLAN International, Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World), MENTOR Initiative, Intersos, Internews, INSO International NGO Safety, WWF and World Conservation Society.

A flexible and evolving structure that is continually adapting

ASF has a flexible, modular offer of services to constantly adapt itself to the new situations of an evolving humanitarian sector.

The management team at the headquarters consists of three permanent posts who supervise all the organisation's departments (IT, social secretary, accounting, insurance, raising awareness, collecting funds and aircraft maintenance). These services are outsourced to professional sub-contractors through a partnership relationship. The other positions, including those required by the current acquisition of an air operator's certificate (AOC), field missions and consultancies are flexible depending on humanitarian needs. 

A pool of specialised human resources, the Experts

ASF believes that the success of projects depends foremost on the quality of the human resources. We have a pool of volunteer and hired professionals dedicated to their cause.

Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium has a huge pool of human resources specialised at all levels of management and field operations in relation to the organisation. Everyone contributes in an integrated fashion to the dynamism and development of the organisation and, therefore, to the services offered to NGOs. These resources are developed within the volunteer Board of Directors, the management team and the AOC, the volunteer coordination team to assist children, the volunteer communication support team and pool of independent advisors.