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  • Hope has advanced leukemia

    16 September 2022
    Hope has advanced leukemia, this little girl is doomed… Unless we act to change the course of things! 🛩
  • The balloon takes off in an instant and follows the path of the wind.

    8 May 2022
    The balloon takes off in an instant and follows the path of the wind. It brings us up into the sky to discover ...
  • Cynthia

    8 May 2022
    Cynthia has a new look and life is great. Thanks to “La Chaîne de l'Espoir”, Cynthia's nasal malformation was improved. This little girl, full of energy, has returned to Kinshasa with our dynamic volunteer Denise Coquiart.
  • Coeunji & Kimberly

    27 March 2022
    In great shape, two little princesses found their flight angel for their return trip to Kinshasa. We'd like to thank the CDE-B for the medical care of Coeunji and Kimberly and Doctor Geoffroy de Beco for the operations. Brussels Airlines great crew.
  • What a small world !

    20 March 2022
    Two ASF-B volunteers on different missions met at Brussels airport on the same day. Denise arrived from Kinshasa with Cyntian and Philippe from Kigali with Cassandra. What a lovely team cooperation with Brussels Airlines crews on their long journey.
  • Jean & Anaelle

    15 March 2022
    Corine and Pierre took John & Anaelle under their wing on their long journey of healing. Soon, they will be in great shape to return to Bujumbura to their families.
  • War in Ukraine

    12 March 2022
    ASF-INTERNATIONAL Activates its rapid response mechanism
  • Wings to run or walk the “20km of Brussels” on May 29 th !

    10 March 2022
    We invite you to support Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium by running or walking the 20km of Brussels under our colours. Do a good deed while doing sport and taking up a famous challenge, what could be more beautiful in life?
  • Hand on heart

    9 February 2022
    After a long trip, Bujumbura-Brussels-Paris, Mercy and Josiane arrived safely in the company of Chantal, an experienced volunteer, and Ellen, a novice who was quickly operational. Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque is taking care of their heart defects. Thanks to Brussels Airlines for the ground and inflight support! What a great collaboration for the well-being of the children of the world.
  • What a busy weekend!

    25 January 2022
    What a busy weekend! Christian went back to Kigali with Marie-Claire and Darlène to Bujumbura with Nathalie. Both children are now in great shape. Two little girls arrived from Kinshasa with Bénédicte and Xavier. The volunteers from ASF-B and the Brussels Airlines crew are amazing.
  • A confident look towards the future for Zoé.

    1 January 2022
    Thanks to the collaboration of the Maison du Bon Samaritain in Burundi, ASF-B, ASF-France, Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque and the volunteers, this little girl will be able to have a beautiful future with a brand new heart. Thank you all for your collaboration in this chain of solidarity for these children of Africa. A wonderful year 2022!
  • Masked journey !

    8 December 2021
    Thanks to the “Maison du Bon Samaritain du Burundi”, a little girl with a very fragile condition, was able to fly for her recovery’s journey with Nathalie, our dedicated and kind ASF-B volunteer,. They were very welcomed and pampered by our friendly Brussels Airlines crew. Thank you all for the beautiful teamwork!
  • Wings to run the “20km of Brussels” on September 12 !

    22 June 2021
    Whether you are an expert in long strides or a ladybug, you will contribute to the perpetuation of the association's aerial interventions in Africa as well as the escort missions of sick children to the recovery. We count on you and your friends to run under the colors of Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium. Please send your subscription to: As soon as possible. Payment of 40 € to be made to the bank account ING - BE45 3631 2535 8089 Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium with the mention «20km Bruxelles + Last Name & First name» or «donation 20km». We are taking care of everything!
  • Israeli-Palestinian conflict: "The neutrality of a humanitarian NGO cannot rhyme with passivity in the face of human distress"

    21 May 2021
    The NGO Aviation Sans Frontières Belgique (ASF-B) was able to mobilize medicines and medical equipment worth € 115,000 that it is preparing to send by air freight to the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. This is a first step in the establishment of an airlift to deliver € 530,000 in additional medical aid provided the public follows. Indeed, Aviation Sans Frontières depends almost exclusively on the financial support of the Belgian public!
  • Bio of our new President: David Haub.

    5 February 2021
    David has been a pilot of 25 years, a childhood dream that he achieved. Ever since his first hours of flying, he wanted to give his time and share his knowledge with those less fortunate. It was therefore natural that he would want to be part of ASF Belgium.
  • 11 patients transported to Panzi hospital

    1 December 2020
    At the end of the mobile clinic mission in Kalole which took place from November 24 to December 1, 11 women requiring urgent surgery were transported to the Panzi hospital in Bukavu thanks to the plane operated by Aviation Sans Frontières.

    2 July 2020
    Loïc CARDON de LICHTBUER always goes to the end of his logic. Line pilot sympathizer of the association for a long time, LoÏc CARDON de LICHTBUER joined the General Assembly in February 2018, the Board of Directors in June 2018 and he passed the qualification of type Cessna SET in June 2020 to be able to serve on ASF missions in the field.

    19 June 2020
    June 19 was the international day for the elimination of sexual violence used as a war weapon, violence against which Dr MUKWEGE, Nobel Peace Prize laureate in 2018, is leading an international crusade. He is also the director of the PANZI hospital, to which ASF-Belgium provided support during the Covid-19 crisis. (Picture: Philippe DEHENNIN, President of ASF-Belgium, in conversation with Dr Denis MUKWEGE, Nobel Peace Prize.)
  • Volunteer pilots

    5 December 2019
    Alain Renard, one of our volunteer pilots on mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Central African Republic. In these countries torn apart by armed conflict, Aviation Sans Frontières' volunteer pilots bring humanitarian aid to the victims.
  • The fourteenth mission for Medicaero Madagascar

    18 November 2019
    The fourteenth “medicine by the air” mission was held from 4 to 9 September in the Ampanihy district of Madagascar. Thanks to a small aircraft, Aviation Sans Frontières brings every three months the multidisciplinary medical team of the NGO Medicaero Madagascar directly to patients in isolated areas (Photos © Xavier Vincke © Garth Cripps).
  • Ninth mission of air medecine in Madagascar with the NGO Médic Aéro

    13 September 2018
    The ninth air medicine mission with the NGO Medicaero Madagascar took place from 4 to 13 September in the district of Ampanihy and at the landlocked city of Maintirano, the new destination of this project. Medicaero and ASF went there at the request of the Regional Directorate of Health and the NGO Blue Ventures. (Photos by Garth Cripps and Patrick Deschrijver)
  • Sahil's Journey from Bujumbura to healing in Brussels

    3 September 2018
    Sahil left his mother's back to go to Catherine Wauter's arms. After a trip from Bujumbura to Brussels of the most relaxed, the Chain of Hope - Belgium takes care of him.
  • Wings to run the “20km de Bruxelles” on May the 27th!

    14 February 2018
    Wear your sneakers! This year’s goal is to raise a maximum of funds to be able to continue to support the local populations and accompany children to the recovery. We count on you and your friends to run under the colors of Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium. Please send your subscription to: before March 19th.