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"Get your employees involved in a project for humanity"

Involvement of a company in a mission of ‘Aviation sans Frontières Belgique’ can take place on various levels: 

  • Financial Donation, for important ASF-Belgium projects.
  • Sponsoring events to raise funds.
  • Patronage of competence, sponsoring competence to ASF-Belgium.
  • Volunteer involvement of company employees in projects dear to them: accompanying children, hot-air balloon operation smile…For a concrete engagement at the heart of the project alongside the beneficiaries. 
  • Volunteer involvement of employees in the life of the organization: sports, cultural events...
  • Involvement of employees in fund-raising, through sport, cultural or other events…

Do you have other suggestions or concrete ideas? 

We will be happy to consider all possibilities, as well as what your involvement will look like.

Contact or email us at:  02 213 42 53