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Student at ASF-Belgium

Are you carrying out an innovative project in communications or IT? Would you like to work on succeeding in your own project? At ASF, a person's worth is not measured in years. But beware, the challenge will be formidable, just like the confidence you will gain.

Intern or summer jobs

ASF-Belgium wishes to collaborate with student interns, preferably over the medium and long term. Although repetitive tasks are part of the whole team’s work, interns included, this could nonetheless be a big boost to completing a project. If you have a specific project, we can discuss the possibility of a student contract together. 

Communication needs

Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium is a very small structure that has significant reasons to communicate on a large scale. The aviation resources that it provides for humanitarian and sustainable development action require a lot of funding. This may be among the public where ASF-Belgium must earn support through raising awareness on aid and development matters, as well as from institutional funders that ASF-Belgium must contact through intense lobbying. 

A huge potential for communication yet to be explored

ASF-Belgium is the only aviation NGO in Belgium and the only humanitarian air operator in the field to carry out local air transport by managing flights together with other NGOs. Our organisation transports hundreds of NGOs in the field and also benefits from the rare opportunity to cover all subjects from emergency aid to environmental protection, child soldiers to protecting lemurs. We also cover refugees, anti-mine campaigns, global warming, child malnutrition and others, which places us in a privileged position as a witness. 

The problem is that ASF-Belgium has so far always concentrated its limited human and financial resources on the success of missions in the field, to the detriment of self-promotion through advertising. This approach is certainly laudable compared to other NGOs where communication sometimes plays a more important role that their actions in the field. However, there is still huge unexplored potential for communication.

Other needs, other projects and other skills

Just like with the volunteers, we might need a translation, an update to the website, preparation of technical aeronautical plans, monitoring of small donors, design work, monitoring of administration procedures, event organisation, help collecting funds, software developments, new ways of communicating with the public, or even a bunch of other things we haven't thought of yet.