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Raising public awareness

ASF-Belgium transports around sixty organisations working in all emergency aid and development sectors (from child soldiers to protecting lemurs, refugees to climate change), which places us in a privileged position as a witness, especially as ASF is the only aviation NGO registered in Belgium. ASF is also the only humanitarian air operator to manage flights with the participation of aid organisations in the field.

ASF-Belgium began very early on to raise awareness among the public. The aim was to attract commitment from the public, but also financial support for the causes we support. In fact, the aviation resources that ASF provides for humanitarian and development work require a lot of independent financial support, in addition to the backing of institutional funders. Raising awareness is coupled with funding appeals through tools such as direct marketing, like the rest of the charitable sector. The level of financial support from the public is currently quite predictable, allowing us to establish a medium-term financial strategy.