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Bush pilot


ASF-Belgium is hiring pilots to operate Cessna 206 and Cessna 208B under Belgian EASA AOC within the frame of humanitarian air transport services. These services will be provided to NGOs implementing relief aid programmes in remote corners of crisis countries, mainly in Africa.

ASF-Belgium is a small and unique aviation NGO specialised in humanitarian air transport services operating its own Cessna 206 and Cessna 208B aircraft with bush flying capabilities within the niche of the “Local Proximity Airlift”, thus providing NGOs flexible access to remote areas (on demand flights, short distance, unimproved bush airstrip). ASF-Belgium is currently applying for an EASA Air Operator Certificate to be issued by the Belgian Civil Aviation Authority. ASF-Belgium is the only aviation NGO to have developed unique expertise in the assessment of humanitarian air transport needs and participative management of air transport projects, all within a humanitarian conceptual framework and quality system designed for the specific requirements of NGOs.

ASF-Belgium is hiring pilots (work contract or consultant) for periods or “tours of duty” of a minimum of three months to operate Cessna 208B and Cessna 206 aircraft in countries such as DR Congo, South Sudan, Nigeria, Mali, etc. Under exceptional circumstances, shorter periods of mission stay are acceptable. ASF is looking for pilots who can adapt to community life with very limited comfort conditions and who are stress resistant. They will have to execute basic technical tasks, such as 50 FH inspection for C206, for which they will receive the necessary training and limited specifications.

Your qualifications

Pilots holding EASA CPL or FAA CPL with equivalence must meet the following requirements:

Flight qualifications requirements for single-engine piston & single-engine turboprop aircraft
  Cessna 206 Cessna 208B  
  Pilot in command Pilot in command Second in Command
Total hours of experience 500, of which 250 SEP 1500 250
Experience in total command - 500 100
Experience in total command by type - 200 -
Total experience by type - - 50
Experience in similar type of operations - 100 -
Trained to land from left and right seats - Yes Yes
Total hours in previous 90 days 10 TOF < 5,700 kg a/c (*)
15 TOF C206 (*)
50 hours, of which 10 on aircraft type  
Successful skill test with BCAA Certified FI Free of aviation regulation violation > 5 years Free of aviation accident > 5 years YES YES YES

(*): Your application can still be received if you do not comply with this specific requirement for field operations.

Your skills and qualities

Your application

Motivation letter and aeronautics CV to be sent to (CEO) and C206 Flight Operations and Training Manager or C208B Flight Operations and Training Manager Only selected applicants will be contacted.