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ASF Belgium


Our experts

Aviation Sans Frontières Belgium has a huge pool of human resources specialised at all levels of management and field operations in relation to the organisation. Everyone contributes in an integrated fashion to the dynamism and development of the organisation.

The management team

Christian GEORLETTE, director

An emergency aid and development professional for the last thirty years, Christian joined ASF in 2007 following a career spent on the ground in Africa. A pioneer of humanitarian management in the air transport sector and a member of the ASF International Advisory Committee, he assists the ASF movement and allows other air operators to set out their global project in a humanitarian quality/accountability reference frame.

Xavier VINCKE, Programme Director

Graduate in ecology from Catholic University of Leuven, specialist in protected area management in Africa and an ultralight trike pilot, Xavier has worked with ASF for five years in Madagascar to implement the oblique photography methodology used in monitoring forests. He is the co-author of the first scientific publication on the subject, thus bringing ASF international recognition. He’s ASF-B’s Programme Director since September 2016.

Frank WARNIER, operations support coordinator

Patrick DEMORTIER, air operations officer

Paul VAN HAESENDONCK, navigation maintenance and aircraft maintenance officer

A private pilot for 26 years, and a volunteer aero club manager, Paul is specialised in certain areas of commercial aviation such as environmental impact management in large airline operations. He is also a member of the Directorate-General of Air Transport working group on future navigation systems. He offers the organisation a highly diversified aeronautical culture.

Expert volunteers on the Board of Directors

Philippe DEHENNIN, advisor for “Ethics, Communication and Appeals”  

Enveloped in bush flying since birth, a private pilot and company leader, Philippe chairs the Board of Directors and coordinates the work of the directors. As an advisor for “Ethics, Communication and Appeals” and financial advisor, he encourages donors to support the right projects and to measure the impact of their donation.

Paul LARDINOIS,  advisor for “Human Resource Management”

Paul has worked as a professional for fifteen years in the humanitarian, oil and mining sectors in the most inhospitable regions of Africa. Now as a company consultant and director, he helps the organisation manage its human resources, bringing together the flexibility desired in ASF operations and the scrutiny of a professional organisation.

Marcel LERINCKX, advisor for “Oblique Aerial Photography

Marcel is a pioneer of the oblique aerial photography used by ASF to monitor forests and has recently gained recognition from the scientific world. His career spanned more than forty years of private piloting including three ASF missions to Mali, with a specialism in electronics and radio communications, and as a high level technician at a TV channel followed by at a European institution. Marcel is now retired.

Etienne DE MUELENAERE, advisor for “Air Operations” - Quality Control and Planning

Renier SNOY, advisor for “Air Operations” - Operation Tracking and Compliance

The volunteer independent experts

Marnix BREES, advisor for “Air Operations”

Retiring after a dual carrier as a military and airline pilot, Marnix joined the organisation at the time of the mission to Ituri (Democratic Republic of the Congo). ASF advisor for “Air Operations”, he is mainly in charge of editing and updating the Operations Handbook in compliance with national and EASA regulations, and for preparing and updating the airfield and rural runways files.

Herbert DECOUVREUR,  head of mission and field air operation manage

ASF bush pilot for ten years experienced in a variety of African terrains, director of an airfield in Belgium, Herbert covers difficult situations with the pragmatism learnt during a military career in the Parachute Regiment. He has specific technical knowledge including mechanics of light aircraft and electromechanics.  

Marc MEULEMAN, flight instructor

Having managed a flight school and charter flight company for fifteen years, Marc went on gain twenty-five years of experience as a bush pilot in the African oil industry. Having returned to skydiving operations in Europe, he also assists ASF using his instructor and examiner qualifications.

Michel HAUTPHENNE, “Communications” adviso

Given early retirement after 38 years of financial management of energy and telecoms projects, since 2009 Michel has been responsible for independent control of donations registered by our fundraising partner. He also ensures that ASF is compliant with legal and fiscal rules in its relations with donors.

Louis GENDEBIEN, “Communications” advisor

Former communications agency CEO turned writer, Louis advises the organisation on both strategic and tactical communication management, looking at goals in reputation, image and dialogue with existing and potential donors.

Nicole RUYSSEN, volunteer coordinator for escorting children and migrants

In 2007 Nicole supported the officer in charge of missions to escort children with medical emergencies and migrants. Her team organises missions taking volunteers to Africa, where a child awaits them to be flown to Brussels for surgery. Her desire to discover new people and new cultures is fulfilled through her participation in the initiative.

Patricia WILLEMS, volunteer coordinator for escorting children and migrants

The daughter of a pilot, Patricia joined the organisation in 2009 for her first escorting children mission. Together with Nicole, since 2010 she has managed volunteer team missions — the “guardian angels on board”. For her it is a new challenge combining organising and communication, escorting missions and on-site contacts for future missions.  But it is also enriching to ensure a better future for a sick child.

Liliane DAVIN, “Escorting Children” focal point in DR Congo.

With a passion for flying, Liliane has for 35 years fought to help develop the aviation industry in DR Congo. She has worked in almost every position except that of a pilot. Trusting the potential of her adopted country to drive development throughout the continent, she tirelessly seeks to bring in partners from civil aviation and other flourishing new sectors of activity. It is with this spirit that Liliane represents our organisation in DR Congo.

Patrick DESCHRIJVER, “Oblique Aerial Photography” head of mission

Former Belgian Air Force military pilot and still active in the Air Cadets, Patrick joined our organisation in 2013 as head of mission to lead the oblique aerial photography campaigns used by ASF to monitor forests. His piloting experience is invaluable in managing all aviation matters, together with local aviation companies, in the type of mission that he now leads.

The independent contractual experts

enoit GABORIT, head of mission and field air operation manager​

A graduate of ESMA Aviation Academy Montpellier, specialist in coordinating air operations and project management, Benoit has a strong base of experience developed over fifteen years in conflict zones or isolated areas during humanitarian and commercial work. His versatility is an important element for the implementation and execution of ASF missions to difficult areas.